Powerful Pear No.6: Our TOP SELLING Potion! Ripe, Juicy Pears that have taken a quick dip in Vanilla.


  • FUN FIZZY BALLS!!! Our NEWEST product! TOILET BOMBS that will blow your mind and kill your stinky bad vibezzzz... Use them daily, weekly and they cause no damage and made with simple, non-toxic ingredients. Simply Drop them in your comode and watch the magic and smell the freshness! You can drop them, leave for 10min then swish your toilet brush and clean your bowl. 

    Freshen weekly or daily.


    Fun Fizzy Balls can also be used BEFORE you DOO your business! You know what business! We don't want to get into your business BUTT we will Freshen your bad vibezzz.


    15 Balls Per Package - 15oz of Freshness