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Plentiful Pumpkin No.28: The Most incredible Pumpkin that has devoured an array of spices and topped with just a smidgen of whipped cream. This beauty is the Ultimate Pumpkin Potion for the Holidays! Infuse any room, any time, all the time.

Plentiful Pumpkin

  • Our Divine Potions to Infuse ANY Room

    Refreshes for up to 5 months
    Glass Bottle: 2.5"x"5.125"(15.125" tall with Reeds in Glass Bottle) Fragrance Oil: 4oz Separate Amber container  1.5"x5.25" (included with order) Reed: Qty: 10 (included with order) @10" Tall -  Natural Reeds

    Label hand coated with vintage texture
    Packaged in fabric bag with Logo on front and back

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