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Plentiful Pumpkin No.28: The Most incredible Pumpkin that has devoured an array of spices and topped with just a smidgen of whipped cream. This beauty is the Ultimate Pumpkin Potion for the Holidays! Now in our Beautiful Parfum D'Ambiance, you can spritz your heart away during the holidays. Spritz here, spritz there, freshen up any room or linen anytime!

Plentiful Pumpkin

  • Spritz our Parfum D'Ambiance ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! Freshen up your car, bedroom, bathroom, linens and more. Infuse Your Mood with our Beautiful Room Fragrance with a quick spritz. Lasts and Freshens Instantly.

    Room Fragrance: 6.5oz

    Bottle: Amber Plastic with Pump Spray Top: 6"x2.37"


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