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Trick Or Treat: What is Halloween without Gooey Caramel Apples! You'll infuse your spooky mood with mouth watering, juicy, caramel apples with this treat!

Choose between 2 different Spooky Graphics!

Trick Or Treat Reed Set

  • Our Divine Potions to Infuse ANY Room

    Refreshes for up to 5 months
    Glass Bottle: 3.58"Diameter2.65"(8" tall with Reeds in Glass Bottle) Fragrance Oil: 4oz Separate Black Cosmo Bottle  1.5"x5.25" (included with order) Reed: Qty: 10 Natural Reeds (included with order)

    Keep away from children and pets and protect surfaces in case of any spill as this has fragrance oil in it.

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