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Trick Or Treat: What is Halloween without Gooey Caramel Apples! You'll infuse your spooky mood with mouth watering, juicy, caramel apples with this treat! Available in 2 Graphics!

Trick Or Treat Vintage Love 13oz

  • 3.38"x5.13"
    Approx 95 Hours
    13 oz of our Creamy Wax
    Fragrant Mood Fusion
    Mason Jar

    We hand pour our creamy wax into our 13oz Vintage Love Mason Jars. They are hand labeled with a unique, vintage finish & then we top them off with our vintage style lids and tuck them in our own printed fabric bags with a beautiful tag.

    All of our Vintage Love Mason Jar Potions will come with our unique, vintage style Rust lids.

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